Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smallest man in the world has big heart

Edward Nino Hernandez of Colombia is currently, the smallest man in the world. At 70 centimeters, Nino is now the world's certified smallest man, according to Guinness Book of World records.

Nino's record is, unfortunately, set to be eclipsed by Khagenda of Nepal who, at 18 years old, stands 22 inches, shorter than Nino by 5 inches. Khagenda is, by far, the shortest living teen in the world today.

Despite being the smallest man in the world, Edward is a certified lady's man. He is not entirely concerned with his size. Fact is, he's proud of being the smallest man in the world. Or, by the end of this year, the second shortest man in the world.

Imagine, a 27 inch man with a big heart and d..k. He loves life and dreams of travelling around the world. And of course its easier for him to do so, even without money. Nino can very well fit into any regular size suitcase.

I don't know about those with average height with smaller d...k. I know of people of regular size yet with irregular or massive incomes who already lost a zest in life. They have to learn a thing or two from Nino. Inspite of his condition, Nino loves everything about himself, and even says that he's happy being unique.

The world has so many things to learn from Nino, the smallest man in the world.