Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Puno: " I'll take bullet for President"

Undersecretary Rico Puno says, " I'll take bullet for President". Yeah, even those you supplied to the AFP and PNP?

Lacierda says Carandang and Coloma are not "acting" secretaries. Are you sure Mr. Lacierda that they are really not "acting"?

Lacierda says Robredo, Paje and Baldoz are "acting secretaries". I don't know about you, but for me, Baldoz and Paje are definitely not just acting like secretaries. They are working perfectly as secretaries.

How about Robredo? Well, he seems to be a very good actor.

Congressman Edcel Lagman asked Robredo who are those Cabinet members who'll take the bullet for the president. Robredo just smiled and did not answer. Robredo has lived his entire life in the insurgency-infested Bicol region. He knows how painful it is to take a bullet for someone.

Palace says only Magtibay offered to resign. Yeah, because he is the only one with the balls to admit responsibility. The rest are just too fixated with power because these people are just first-timers in the power game.

Pag-ibig filed charges against Globe Asiatique because of numerous spurious accounts. Really now? After all these years, this is just the first time Pag-ibig realized that there are those who want its money and not about love?