Sunday, September 12, 2010

What ails Pinoy?

This is the last time I'll be writing about this topic. First, I don't agree with some people's idea always taking potshots at President Noynoy Aquino for his alleged lack of leadership qualities. It is too premature for us to say that. Yes, he exhibited this during the Manila hostage crisis, but that is just one incident. It is unfair that we ascribe all the blame to him, and him alone. There must be a practice of regularity before we even say that, indeed, he suffers from the very "disease" his mother was accused of during her term.

For all we know, we are just being taken a ride by Aquino's enemies---those who took billions from us during the last dispensation. Tomorrow, Monday, the Truth Commission will begin its work. Former chief justice Hilario Davide Jr. will take his oath before Aquino.

The Truth Commission aims to investigate the so-called irregularities during the previous dispensation and as always, Aquino vows to prosecute each and every one of these grafters and present them before the bar of justice.

Former high government officials and members of the Philippine elite groups are now scampering to safety. They are running here and there, trying to get someone near the Powers-that-Be for some "protection" and to shield them from the long arm of the law.

Now, that question really is---how long will this "arm of the law" be? Will it just include the known personalities, or even their factotums? Remember that most of Aquino's cabinet members were former Arroyo factotums themselves and most of these endangered personalities are probably their friends?

Regardless, the thing that most Filipinos expect from this administration is simply do what it promised to do, that is, the honest dispensation of justice.

Another question---is it possible for somebody or at least one group perhaps inside the new administration who will try to protect the asses of those being prosecuted and influence the decision of the Truth commission?

At the very least, the Filipino people expect to see those who committed grave infractions against them behind bars. Those who manipulated the system and benefited from that manipulation should be prosecuted, arrested and jailed.

The People expect Aquino to honor his commitment and be the catalyst for change. The People are sick and tired of empty promises, of unfulfilled ones and those given just to prop up one's popularity ratings.

What ails Pnoy is the common disease suffered by Filipino politicians---the transactionalis politinensis. There is another popular term for this---institutional utang na loob.

Pnoy would probably disclaim this but that is the truth. The reason why he has factions inside his government is simply because he does not have the gumption to tell his friends to hey, this is government, this is the administration of the People, and those who has no business or will of governance should leave immediately.

Politics still runs high inside Pnoy's government, as if they are still in campaign or acting capacity mode. (Curiously, why are people inside Pnoy's government still think that they are all in "acting" capacity? Is there truth to the rumour that the "real government" of Pnoy is preparing for their eventual entry into public service shortly after the ban for elective officials end by next year?)

Another disease which afflicts Pnoy right now is suspendensis animationis politinensis. And because he is in suspended animation, everyone is.

Let's end these diseases and fight these off!

Pnoy should stomp his foot and chop off some heads of his cabinet. He will immediately regain the public trust afterwards.

By the way, I was privy to one of the talks and one of those involved in the Hostage probe says that Malacanang is just willing to let go of General Magtibay and General Santiago.

Puno and Robredo and the Communications Group will all be exonerated. Wow. Talk about justice, this one is for Guinness.