Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Pnoy Officials sabit sa Jueteng--Archbishop Oscar Cruz

There are at least five high-ranking officials of the Aquino administration involved in the illegal numbers game, says former Dagupan archbishop Oscar Cruz.

Cruz says as much as 2 million pesos per month were given each to these officials. Wow.

And what response did Cruz get from this administration? As usual, the oft-repeated refrain of come up with the list and prove it.

Wow again.

This reminds us of how the former Arroyo administration answers each and every issue hurled against it.

I distinctly remember the promise made by President Noynoy Aquino when he appointed Jesse Robredo to head the Department of Interior and Local Government--ran after big-time jueteng lords.

Shortly after a few days, the DILG and the palace both went eerily silent. Robredo stopped answering questions about jueteng. Fact is, suggestions cropped up. Many suggested that governments allow the continued operation of STL or Small Town Lottery.

The bigger question is---what will Aquino do? Will he cut off the heads of these officials and file charges against them?

Like what I said, ang daang matuwid ay unti-unting babaluktot kapagka walang ruler ang mga gumagawa ng daan.