Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aleccia---inheritors of the past legends of Pinoy rock

I had a blast three nights ago. This Aleccia rock band is simply outrageous! What's good about this band is their artistry. They are a young band with a very good musical grounding. They have their own unique sound that simply good. 

Anyway, they performed at the former Mayrics three nights ago. As you know, the former Mayrics is the place where true Filipino musical artistry was born! All the bands that eventually went mainstream performed at that place.

Nearly two decades ago, it was Mayrics and Red Rocks which Filipino artists went to perform. It was at Red Rocks that I met The Dawn. Owners of the joint were my friends. Eventually, Red Rocks went from black to Red. Owners were forced to sell the joint to somebody who turned it into Club Dredd.

From then on, those who think they are edgy or those who believe in what Nirvana and the rest of the grudge bands say, went there full force. It was the time when conos turned into grudge and the style was something black with a little cowboy boots to boot. Death metal was also the rage and it was at that time that the legendary rock band, Rizal Underground and the  fab five of Pinoy rock owe their existence.

Marcus Aurelius metamorphosed into Marcus of The Eraserheads and they eventually abandoned death metal to croon rock solid love songs that don't use love in their lyrics. They became a hit as everybody felt the honesty of their songs and the emotions that went with it. Thousands of upeyans felt alive and remembered those times when they spent the night with their girlfriends at CSSP or drank their woes away at the quadrangle or at the swamps.

Anyway, what am I saying? 

Aleccia, to me, has a bright future. They have a solid musical grounding. They have a full understanding of their music and what's good about it, they are trying to own it. Of course, their music had strains of popular US rock bands, but what's good about a Pinoy rock band is simply their way of adapting those strains as their own. 

And if you're already performing at a legendary place like the former Mayrics (I don't want to call it Santis or anything...I want to call it Mayrics. Period.), then, in my book, you have arrived already. What's lacking is an album. 

THe only thing I want this band to think and remember is simply--don't sacrifice artistry with commercial success. Better to be poor and recognized as an icon than being rich and a sell-out.