Tuesday, October 26, 2010

COMELEC admits unpreparedness in SK and Brgy Elections

Out of 40,000, nearly 2,000 barangays were not able to take part in the SK and Barangay elections yesterday. The Comelec said there will be elections today in these parts. The question is--what will happen to those who went back home in the provinces and live and work in the Metro? What will they tell their employers? Are they still allowed not to go to work today?

An interview with Comelec commissioner George Larrazabal last night over DZMM (Dos por Dos) revealed that the poll body did not elect a committee to oversee election preparations for the SK and Barangay elections. Larrazabal admitted that they were not entirely prepared to conduct the elections. This led to the chaotic situation yesterday.

Larrazabal, for those who don't know, is leaving Comelec. Comelec Chairman Jose Melo is also thinking of leaving the poll body. 

By the way, Comelec expects to receive more than 4,000 cases because of this elections. It turns out that there are nearly 2,000 barangay officers with expiring terms who filed their certificates of candidacy despite a constitutional bar for them in doing so. 

If these cases are filed, then the Comelec will have its hands full resolving these cases. There will be chaos.