Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to grade a student like Aquino

As a former professor, how would I grade the performance of this student named Aquino from the time of enrolment (June 30) to the present day? I grade him excellente.

You grade a student based on the level of his adaptability to his environment. You grade him based on how he was able to adapt to the current environment, not on how he militated or tried to change things. This is how we here in the Philippines grade our students--how far or how deep his knowledge is about systems and environments. 

Excellente because he scored a plus A in the graft and corruption department. He and his men have not prosecuted any single big fish swimming the cesspool of corruption. Despite what his men claim to have--years of industry experience--still, they were able to keep the big fishes in, and the little fishes out. 

The seven big-time members of the rice cartel in the Philippines still operates and still dictates policies in the National Food Authority. Smugglers still exist at the Bureau of Customs, as admitted by Finance secretary Cesar Purisima. 

MMDA chair Tolentino admits that his department still receives bribe offers from bus companies and illegitimate operators. The BIR has been unable to prosecute big fishes such as Lucio Tan who now has 3oo million plus back taxes and still manages to operate his firms. 

For not rocking the boat, and keeping alive graft and corruption and cartelism in the Philippines, I give Aquino an excellent grade.

IN the human rights department, I score Aquino another excellent grade. No clear cut policy on agrarian reform, no end in sight for extrajudicial killings (now 16 to be exact) and an obvious rise in criminality. These problems have been there eversince, and for just knowing about it, and not doing something to solve it, I give this administration a plus A.

IN the education department, I score Aquino another plus A rating for suggesting extra years in the primary grades, for not improving the lot of teachers, especially those in the rural areas and for keeping those book publishers thriving with their erroneous books without even prosecuting one, this, I think, and I know Bro. Luistro would agree, justifies a plus A.

How about the peace and order situation? There is still no end as far as the Bangsamoro question is concerned, no clear cut policy on how to deal with the Communist insurgency and a festering and disorganized security establishment to boot. 

Nefarious deals such as this helicopter deal continues to haunt the Defense department. Sectors in the establishment want nothing more than continue those deals which has been probed as defective and anomalous. For giving in to lobbyists and for trying to push for deals hazardous to the public health, I give Aquino an excellent grade of plus A.

Dengue cases are on the rise, thanks to the absence of a clear preventive guideline from the Department of Health. For not taking care of the citizenry, for just giving them lip service and for not even protecting the lives of health workers around this country, which, again, shows the diseases of past administrations, I give Aquino an excellent grade of plus A.