Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Noynoy Aquino's Ratings fell 15%--SWS survey

The latest Social Weathers Survey shows at least 60% net approval rating for President Aquino, a 15% drop in his previous net ratings when he started his administration. This approximates what former president Joseph Estrada got when he finished his 100days. Their ratings however, paled in comparison with the 66% net rating former president Fidel Valdes Ramos got when he finished his 100 days. 

Is this an indication that Aquino will suffer the same fate as Erap? Some people whom I chatted some days ago says that Aquino acts like an Arroyo, bumbles like an Erap but worse--he has an inexperienced Cabinet behind him, unlike the previous two Chief Executives. Erap and Arroyo also got high marks from the business community when they started out. After three years, Erap was ousted while Arroyo's nine-year term was rocked with scandals and anomalies. 

Yet, Aquino still has five plus years to go. And the drop in terms of ratings is expected. The only question is how fast and how big the drop will be. 

Honestly, the people trust the President. His only liability are men behind him. People are least likely to trust these Cabinet members simply because they are really not fit for their jobs. Worse, there is a perception that their appointments were political accommodations. People expect Aquino to appoint persons of high integrity and competence, not just people whom he trust. 

Sources say that Aquino has given his bosom buddy to the dogs. He will present a modified IIRC report which recommends the filing of charges against DILG undersecretary Rico Puno. Puno has been asked by well-meaning friends of the Aquino administration to "take a leave of involuntary absence" by going abroad and upon arriving, hide himself before the media. This is good since this will take off the heat from the administration. 

Likewise, take a good read of Conrado de Quiros' article today. It bewails the apparent politics behind certain actions of Budget secretary Butch Abad, a sterling member of Hyatt 10 and Balai. Abad reportedly jacked up the budgets of the Communications group of Carandang when the secretary only asked for a pittance and that of the DSWD of his friend, Dingky Soliman. 

De Quiros is correct---Abad should not toy with the people's money. Abad slashed by half most of the government agencies' budget but increased those of his buddies. This is a very malignant disease. And this could start the administration's downfall.