Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Manny Pacquiao trains hard for Antonio Margarito fight

Manny Pacquiao has been criticized for including "singing" as part of his training. The Sarangani Congressman and the world's number one pound-for-pound fighter has been busy training for his fight with Mexican fighter Antonio Margarito. Several analysts have predicted a knockout win by Margarito. That's why the Pacman is definitely not letting his guard down.

Margarito is your natural welterweight. He is taller than the pacman, can pack a punch harder and stronger than the Pacman and is even faster than the Pacman.  Margarito does not need to add weight to be a welterweight. He moves easier than someone like the Pacman who needed to add more pounds in his small frame to make the grade.

That's essentially the problem with this fight. The Pacman is fighting someone whose tough and is hungry for recognition. Yes, the Pacman fought taller and stronger opponents before. Margarito, however, is different. 

The Mexican fighter is known as one of those who really trains hard for a fight, possibly even as tough as Pacquiao. Pacquiao's training is being beamed live and direct to Antonio, while the Mexican fighter's camp is silent. No one knows how extensive Margarito's training is. But, it is sure as brutal as the Pacman's.

The only hope for the Pacman is his speed. He must connect with his legendary 1-to-2 punch. The Pacman must weave his way out of tight situations. Margarito would definitely use his height and longer reach to defeat the Pacman. Surely, Margarito will tip the scales at 151 lbs, the heaviest fighter that the Pacman at 145 lbs will face in his entire career.

Everyone knows that the heavier the fighter is, the stronger his punch becomes. A boxer unleashes those jabs using the entire weight of his body. The heavier, the better. 

Margarito also enjoys a 73 inch reach advantage over 67 inch of the Pacman. 

For all of these, I think this bout on November 13 will actually be decided on who has the stronger will to win and who has the heart. 

Margarito may have his height and reach advantage, but if he does not have what the Pacman and the rest of the 90 million Filipinos who will be rooting for him come fight night, then, he'll surely lose. And I don't want to tell Margarito what we have against him. He has to figure it for himself.