Wednesday, October 20, 2010

S4 or Solidarity for Sovereignty

Yesterday, an alleged anti-Aquino group published a full page ad calling on the Armed Forces of the Philippines to do its mandate and protect the interest of the Filipino People. It claims that the recent May 10, 2010 elections was a farce and unconstitutional. It claims that all elective posts should be declared vacant owing to the unconstitutionality of the polls. 


Who legitimizes every electoral exercise but the Filipino masses? Who gives legitimacy to a democratic exercise but the very people whom the government serves?

Surely, any attempt to destabilize and/or create situations that would lead to the downfall of this government would end in disaster. For any attempt should be supported by a large majority of the People.

An intelligence source says that the group, which calls itself S4, is just monitoring the people's emotions and views. When Aquino's ratings fall, that, says the source, would be the opportune time for the group to move. 

Why destabilize a government with good intentions? I admit, I am one of those disappointed with the way things are in this government. But, I am not about to go to the streets and call for its downfall. No.

There are still several ways for this government to redeem itself. One of those is remind all these incompetents within Aquino's cabinet to get themselves a conscience and boot themselves out of office, for the sake of Pnoy. 

If at all, this government would fall, it would surely fall by the weight of incompetence of its own people.

And definitely the YOU will not be a part of such an enterprise to declare this government illegitimate. YOU listens to the views and opinions of people. No one right now has the wrong mind to say that this government is illegal. No.

Which government was declared and considered largely illegal by the people? It was the former government of Arroyo who allegedly won the 2004 elections through fraudulent means. 

The YOU will definitely stand by the Filipino People.