Sunday, October 10, 2010

Noynoy Aquino-Shalani Soledad Split: The True Reason

Patricia Ann Roque
What is the TRUE REASON behind the split of Valenzuela councilor Shalani Soledad and President Noynoy Aquino III? Is it because of the president's busy schedule? No, according to a very deep source. Is it because Noynoy is now enamoured by the beauty of a Malacanang reporter? Yes, probably.

And what is the name of this ABC 5 reporter, now reportedly the apple of the president's eye? It is none other than former child star Patricia Ann Roque, who is now covering the Malacanang beat. 

Patricia or "Trish" Ann Roque is reportedly the president's "crush". The twenty two year old Trish is a journalism graduate of the University of the Philippines in Diliman. (Birthday: June 26, 1988)

Trish used to be Eat Bulaga Little Miss Philippines. She graduated from Holy Spirit before deciding to study at the UP. She has a string of TV shows under her belt. 

I met Trish a couple of times before and she seems like a young Bernadette Sembrano. She's lovable. She's dead serious about her craft. And I think, given a couple of more years, she'll blossom into one of our country's most respected journalists. 

Fell out of love?
Is it surprising to know that Noynoy fell for the charms of a reporter? Nope. When he was still a Congressman, Noynoy had a long relationship with Ms. Korina Sanchez (now the better half of Noynoy's buddy, Mar Roxas) and of course, the former GMA7 reporter and now ABS-CBN anchor (married na po siya) Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo.

If this is true, then, the age gap between Noynoy and his current flame is about 28 years. Wow. Talk about a sugar daddy, joke!

Now, what caused the split of Shalani and Noynoy? Is it because of the rumoured love child of Shalani, whom she had with her former boyfriend, Atty. Jimboy Cabochan?

Atty. Jimboy Cabochan is a dashing lawyer gentleman from a political clan in Bulacan. According to Valenzuela sources, Cabochan and Shalani used to date and in fact, sired a child. There is no confirmation yet about this and I would love the two to clarify this before the public since Shalani is a public figure.

Sources say Shalani reportedly went back to Jimboy's arms or is dating another official from the Valenzuela city council. The break up actually happened not just this month, but a few months ago. At that time, there was still no third party involved. The couple just reportedly went their separate ways. Inside sources however revealed that it was that rumor about Shalani's past romantic liaisons that irked the Aquino family, most especially Noynoy's elder sister. 

Now, if you are expecting that this relationship between Noynoy and Roque is the last one, think again.

In an interview with Noynoy, here is his take on relationships:

Matters Of The Heart
"Did I ever ask Dad about girls and sex? No, he was the one who asked me! (laughs).
"Yes, even when Dad was incarcerated I did have girlfriends. The first was when I was 18. I took our separation hard. I would fall asleep in the middle of my thoughts and I couldn’t laugh.
"I also had a girlfriend while we were in Boston. I’ve had other girlfriends but sometimes I think that maybe singlehood might be part of my fate. I learned in a Philosophy class that if something unexpected happens, maybe it’s pointing you to other paths.
"Having the Aquino name (somehow leads to) a transition phase – a lot of my ex-girlfriends start off aloof before we become super close.
"I’m single now. Pagod na ang puso ko! (laughs)
"I was in a car with a nephew who’s in high school and he asked me, ‘Mauuna pa ba akong ikakasal sa ’yo?’ And my reaction was ‘Ibaba sa kotse! (laughs)
"Sometimes I wonder (when I break up with someone) if it would have been better not to have said ‘hello’ and spared each other the pain.
"How romantic can I get? If I don’t pass the test na hindi ako plastic, ’di ko ginagawa (romantic gestures). So sometimes she (a girlfriend) might say, ‘Ang tagal naman bago dumating (romantic gestures).’ Ayoko yung nagpapaandar ng kapwa ko, yung mina-manipulate. (Maybe that’s why) I don’t think any of my ex-girlfriends have any ill will towards me.
"As far as my love life goes, Mom is the quiet one; she does not comment unless asked.

So, there.