Sunday, October 10, 2010

The true mission of every Government

The rationale behind the establishment of a government is simple: work for the advancement of the people's welfare. Government is there to protect the interests especially of economically challenged groups. And one of the key issues that these economically challenged groups always consider serious is the prices of commodities. 

All governments, from the time of the Commonwealth to the present day, have promised to lower or at least manage, the fluctuating prices of commodities in the market. Governments are judged based on its capability to at least provide a stable life to its constituents. A stable life means one where people can eat at least three times a day, go to work, and live in a rented home.

The average salary to date is about 12,000 pesos per month. If you're living far from your place of work, the average transportation you need is about 60 pesos per day. That is about 1,800.00.

You need to pay electricity, and bills go up as high as 3,000 in most homes. So, transportation plus electricity alone would eat up nearly 5,000 from your 12,000.

Of course, you need food. On average, a grocery bag that fulfills your monthly needs would reach 6,000 pesos. you only now have a 1,000 to probably pay your rent.

For those reading this, how would a family of five survive in a 12,000 peso salary? Obviously, that family would find it extremely hard to fulfill their basic needs.

This is what the Filipino people expect from Pnoy--to at least improve their basic living standards. 

To at least find more value to their monthly salaries and at least still respect the purchasing power of the Peso.

If this government would focus their work on helping the average Filipino survive this harsh economic environment, then, I truly believe that they have actually accomplished their mission.