Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ampatuan Massacre a year old today---Justice for all Victims!

The Inquirer reported that despite the change in the political leadership, despite the presence of the military and despite the detention of most of the senior leaders of the Ampatuan clan, the dreaded family continues to exert a major influence in the lives of the people.

How would that be possible, when most of the heads of the Ampatuan clan are incarcerated? The people in Maguindanao said the Ampatuans order their men to attack thru cellphones. 

A year ago, a massacre has been committed, one that is so gruesome, it made headlines throughout the world. That massacre made headline fodder in most of the world's respected newspapers. 

Women were attacked, brutally hacked to death, and some violated. In the laws of Islam, such brutality merits an equal brutality. Yet, the Ampatuans who were charged of masterminding the massacre remain alive. Had the movers and shakers allowed rido, this would have been resolved a long time ago.

Rido is something alien to the mostly Western-thinking Filipinos in Metro Manila but a highly respected practice of resolving disputes in Muslim communities. Based on the Shariah, rido is seen as legal.

Two things: first, I appeal to our Pious Muslim brothers and sisters to help their fellow Muslims in Maguindanao shake off the continuing influence of the Ampatuan criminal clan in this province. 

Talk with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) leadership in Maguindanao who are reported to have given sanctuary to the remaining members of the criminal clan. The MILF should try these criminals based on the laws of the Qu'ran and merit their penalty based on their respective crimes. Or, if the MILF would not do it, hand these men to the proper authorities for proper processing. 

Second, fight off the Ampatuan clan. You owe it to Allah SWT for doing so. Islam should be thicker than bloodlines. If they are really the ones who perpetuated this pre-Islamic thing, then, Pious Muslims should be the ones who must stand up against them, fight them, and prosecute them. Make them accountable to the Justice of Allah SWT.

To Pious Muslims, why is it that it is your duty now to fight the Ampatuan clan? 

First off, it was the act of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to fight off the pre-Islamic or non-Islamic tribes during his day. The Ampatuan clan has violated many of the laws of the Qu'ran and has acted like gods in that province. They have committed shirk which is haram in Islam. 

Second, re-institute the worship of ALLAH SWT alone in Maguindanao. Because of the cruelty and the warlordism of this family, it hindered many Muslims from the true worship of ALLAH SWT. By that alone, that is reason for Pious Ones to undertake a struggle against them.