Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Undersecretary Romano should be lauded for his actions

Tourism Undersecretary Enteng Romano has just resigned from his post, after drawing so much flak with the new DOT logo and slogan. Romano said he felt responsible for the faux pas and decided to do the right thing--admit responsibility and resign.

Really, it was a laudable thing for Enteng. Resignation is such a vile word in the Aquino administration that others who committed more grievous harm tends to avoid it as much as possible.

Those responsible for the Hostage crisis mishandling never thought of doing an Enteng, when more than 20 lives were lost.

Those responsible for the continuing labor brohaha are still there, enjoying the perks of their offices. Those responsible for the mishandled traffic re-routing scheme are still enjoying the trust and confidence of the President. Others who are committing more grievous sins like taking money from jueteng lords, allowing smugglers to go on their illegal activities and taking money from tax evaders, are still avoiding that "vile" word such as resignation. 

Romano only committed something which did not actually harm many people. Yet, he did the right thing---resign.

How many more kaya from this administration who will emulate Enteng Romano? I hope its sooner than later.