Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mai Mislang's Stupidity Is Our National Malady

Before we take Mai Mislang off the hook, let me just remind these nincompoops at the miscommunication department of Malacanang that they are giving the country a great disservice for staying there. I mean, come on. Look at how Deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said as a defense to the embattled assistant secretary. 

But Valte said Mr. Aquino had said his piece on the incident, and that MalacaƱang hoped this would put an end to the matter.
“I think, for us, that should be enough,” Valte told reporters.
“Let us remind the people ... that [we should] not let the competence of Asec (Assistant Secretary) Mislang get lost in the noise about this mistake,” she said.
Asked whether Mislang’s continued stay would not affect the President, Valte pointed out that the former “had made one mistake, and she is rectifying it.”
“Everybody in general deserves a second chance, especially when you see that person showing remorse for what has happened and is asking for an apology. Asec Mislang deserves a second chance, certainly,” she said.
Last weekend, Valte said she did not think Mislang’s gaffe would “affect the relationship between the country and Vietnam.”
“First of all, the sentiments of [Mislang] are her own and, of course, not the sentiment of the Philippine delegation or of the President,” she added.

Another stupid alibi from a supposed lawyer from the miscommunication team. Valte should know that Mislang and for that reason, anybody who holds a very sensitive government post is not entitled to express herself publicly without official permission. 

Mislang's mistake is her slang which is too conotic for comfort. Fact is, Mislang's comment against Vietnamese men is so stupid, she forgot to face the mirror before she even tweeted such inanity. 

With her looks, no Filipino or even a Vietnamese would even court her or even go near her.

For somebody who is supposed to be a cum laude graduate of Tourism, Mislang should have known better than anybody else about decorums.

The fact that she knows that she is now an assistant secretary and she is not entitled to express publicly her own personal opinions, especially since this will be misconstrued as OFFICIAL STATEMENTS.

For that alone, Mislang deserves to be fired, not only because she is an embarrassment to the country, she is also damned stupid. 

For being so stupid, Mislang deserves to be fired. We cannot afford nincoompoops and stupid people in highly sensitive posts in government.