Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Terror Plot in Manila is just a figment of someone's terrorist imagination

A supposed "terror plot" has been uncovered recently by intelligence sources. The plot, according to a report, is part of a global "Al Qaeda" plan to terrorize the entire planet.


According to reports, the plot reportedly involves an Abu Sayyaf contingent staging a succession of bombing attacks in San Juan. The report says nothing why the terror group want to stage such a thing in San Juan, and not, say Quezon City or Manila, or Makati or Pasay or Pasig. 

If I'm a terrorist, I'll go for Makati instead of San Juan. Makati is the central business district, why not attack there? Why go San Juan, what is in there that merits attention? Greenhills? Why would terrorists attack a place where majority of retailers are Muslims?

Really, who will believe of such a thing as a terror plot in Manila? At least five countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and New Zealand believes so. 


Admit it---the reason why these countries issued travel advisories is so simple--they want a slice of an expected big number of tourists who want nothing more than experience a vacation in this paradise.

Australia and New Zealand have their personal thing with us since we have more tourists visiting these parts especially during these "ber months" compared with them. What I can't understand is why Canada and Britain are also "in it"? The US has its own reasons while the British, well, they just do what their Jewish cousins do in the mainland. 

Likewise, this "global terror alert" thing is nothing but a propaganda scam by the Republicans to win the elections over the Democrats. There is a mid-term elections happening in the United States, and you know who benefits every single time there's a terror scare? You guessed it right--the political opposition. 

Why would terrorists bomb Manila? As I surmised some months back, there would never be a terror attack in Manila simply because terrorists are satisfied that this country gives them the sanctuary, the ammos, and a place for training, than, say Malaysia?

Why would they bomb a place which is so "friendly" to terrorists? The US and everybody knows that the Philippines is some sort of an "R&R", a haven so to speak, for those with twisted minds. Why would these terrorists disrupt the country which has been too kind to them all these years? Security here is lax. Police and military officials are as corrupt as devils and ammos are just  a dime here compared to, say, Singapore or Indonesia. Why would they destroy a place where they consider as "sanctuary"? I mean, come on!

If I'm the Al Qaeda, i'll even contribute to the improvement of the peace and order situation. Why? The quieter things are, the more it benefits the terrorists whose goal is really fighting the Mother of all Kafirs, that is, the United States, not a small insignificant state as the Philippines. 

Anyway, let's get serious. Who benefits from having this country declared by others persona non grata or a very "insecure place"?

Foreigners. Yes, foreign countries, especially neighboring ones. They stand to benefit from billions of dollars of lost tourism revenues.

Another beneficiary---the political and ideological opposition. Those who want nothing but destruction of this administration are now smiling broadly, knowing that, as the day passes, the state is getting weaker, clumsier and more stupid. With a weaker state, these political destabilizers get nearer to their political objective. 

Of course, those who already benefitted from the public coffers and are now afraid of facing the music, are also benefitting from all these. Of course, the only ones sorely affected by all these would be those millions of Pinoys who benefit from tourist dollars. With these advisories, expect a decrease in the number of tourists visiting these shores this year.