Thursday, November 25, 2010

North Korea wants of more attacks

North Korea, a Stalinist state modified, warned the United States and South Korea of possible escalation of the ongoing strikes if the South continues on its "attacks" against its territory.

North Korea has engaged the South in a barrage of missile attacks which already killed at least 3 soldiers and wounded several others. In response, the US sent its nuclear warship ready to defend the South if the conflict escalates.

More than 50,000 Filipinos have been warned already by our consulate in South Korea. 

Analysts say the reason why North Korea has upped the ante is simple---the 26-year old successor for the North's undisputed leader, wants some military accomplishments. The North's leader is said to be sick and ready to hand over the State's powers to his son.

Some analysts have pooh-poohed this latest strike from the North, saying that the Stalinist state is just muscle flexing. However, these strikes may have dire consequences in the near future.

The United States is just looking for a way to distract its citizens from the worsening economic situation and the rising discontent coming from the jobless. JOblessness has hit an all-time high and Barack Obama has no other solution to the deteriorating situation.

This may be the event Obama is waiting for, to show his strength and might as a Leader. Since his assumption as President, Obama has slowly lost the trust and confidence of his people. He has failed to even uplift the economic plight of the Americans and this incident could provide him with a convenient escape route. 

However, this issue also shows the weakness of the Obama leadership in terms of diplomacy. The United States is expected to show leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. The Obama-led administration has repeatedly failed to re-establish leadership and dominance in Asia, mainly due to its poor economic performance since 2009. 

If Obama fails to exploit this, it would be China who will greatly benefit from this. China is a strong ally of the North, and it is now in the best position to counsel its ally to cease or stop its attacks against the South. If China succeeds in pacifying the North and regain the status quo, it would now establish itself as the undisputed leader not just in East Asia, but in the entire Asia-Pacific region.