Sunday, December 26, 2010


Brigadier General Danilo Lim says that there's nothing to apologize for. Lim says that the proclamation order which President Benigno Aquino III wrote says nothing of apologies. A comment which the Palace issued says that for Lim and the others to qualify for amnesty, they have to apologize for trying to oust the previous administration. 

What is to apologize for? Apologies are given only by those who really committed wrongdoing. Is it wrong to militate against an immoral and illegitimate government? No. It is well within the rights of individuals. It is dictated by our consciences as Filipinos that we always rise up whenever a government oppresses the people with its policies and when the very same government pursues an elitist democracy rather than open democracy.

The blood that flows within our veins always tell us that when we see oppression, when we see immorality and when we experience the effects of mis-governance coupled with graft and corruption, we never allow such things to happen. As Filipinos, it is in our nature that we fight off corrupt men and women occupying sensitive positions in government. 

Lim and the rest of those who militated against the previous administration need not apologize. It should be the other way around--Gloria and her bunch of barung-clad thieves should apologize, nay, even, punished for their wrongdoings and their large-scale thievery during these nine years. 

Gloria Arroyo and her gang should be put to jail. Gloria Arroyo should be crucified for her evil ways. There is no other form of justice left for her and her gang of misfits. Why?

Arroyo's nine year misgovernance have set back the very gains generated by previous administrations in terms of lessening poverty incidences. Our current state is such a deplorable one that we must make faster our efforts at developing the economy for the benefit of the people. People are fast losing Hope, Mr. President, and it is incumbent upon all the leaders of this country, to unite behind one common agenda--that is, improving the quality of life of Filipinos. 

But before we undertake this great entreprise of re-building our Nation, we must first give the People justice. Justice is what we need. Justice is what we desire.