Monday, December 13, 2010

President Aquino should certify as urgent reforms in the Anti- Human Trafficking Law

Susan Ople and Amina Rasul are just two of the leading luminaries in the fight against human trafficking. Yesterday, the world recognized the Anti-Human Trafficking Day, a fitting reminder that this scourge of humankind continues to affect thousands of people every single day. Human traffickers continue their activities, unmindful of the different U.N. protocols calling for their abolition, and acting like modern day slave traders. 

Thousands of Filipinas are being victimized by these human traffickers, most of whom, were given promises of jobs in Haiti only to turn up in various prostitution dens and some, workers in sweat shops. Filipinas as young as 14 years old were reported to have fallen victim in these schemes and an amendment to the Anti-Trafficking Laws of the Philippines should probably ease the seriousness of the issue.

Ople, alongside Amina Rasul who heads the Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy (PCID), are calling for President Aquino to certify as urgent reforms needed in the Anti-HUman TRafficking law. The proposed amendments include:

The proposed amendments to the anti-trafficking act, as proposed by civil society groups, include the removal of the confidentiality clause on the identity and modus operandi of the accused in trafficking cases, provisions regarding attempted trafficking in persons, and acts of trafficking for involuntary servitude and forced labor. The amendments also address the issue of child trafficking to include the barter, sale, and trade of children.

Children from Muslim communities are mostly victimized by schemes by human traffickers. Many of those rescued from the hands of human traffickers belong to poor families in Mindanao. Instead of studying, these children decide to work abroad, only to find themselves working in either difficult conditions or worst, in the illegal sex trade. Being undocumented, some reports say these children are killed, or bartered like cattle in different places in the world.

We should stop our Filipinas from getting victimized by these demons. If you know of a human trafficker, report it to the local police. Local policemen, especially Patriots, you know what to do with these scums.