Friday, December 31, 2010

Splendide: The Grand China National Acrobatic Circus--One helluva Show!

Just seeing your youngest son stupefied with wunderment, as members of the Grand China National Acrobatic Circus dominate the Araneta Coliseum stage, makes you sigh and think that it was really a good decision to watch this show. 

Like my friend, Atoy Co, who also watched the show along with his family said, sulit na sulit itong palabas. And I agree. 

For 1,300 pesos, you'll get to see and feel the excitement of seeing the lithe forms of the human body contorted beautifully before you. 

Feats of human flexibility stand before you. Makes you feel  justified forking those thousands of pesos to watch a show that promises just to be "splendide".

Well, for me and my wife and our two kids, especially my barely three year old youngest boy, the Grand China National Acrobatic Circus show is not just splendid, its spectaculicious!

The much applauded Diabolo
Spectaculicious in the sense that those acrobatic feats are truly spectacular. The imagery created in your mind, delicious!

Imagine, thirteen award-winning acts including plate-spinning, juggling, hoop dives, dancing while hanging from velvet curtains and thin poles and a whole lot more of breath-taking acrobatic acts!

Worrying that you paid more than what you got? Ha! IN this show, you'll worry why you only paid 1,300 pesos for a show that is worth several thousands of dollars more.

The Diabolo
Have seen hundreds of circuses in my lifetime, even watched those in the United States, Europe and even Singapore. 

Nothing compares to this. This is simply beautiful.

What's so special about the Grand China National Acrobatic Circus show is the lack of any additional special effects to highlight the individual acrobatic acts. What you see is pure and simple extraordinary talent. 

Example would be the Diabolo, a stunt cum dance routine which involves several young Chinese girls spinning and throwing saucer-like containers using an elastic rope ala "yo-yo". It looks very simple, but it was'nt.

The girls spin the saucers while doing triple somersaults and hand stands on their fellow acrobats' heads. Wow. They also throw the saucers while doing triple rope jumps and catching the saucers nimbly on its way down.

spinning those plates is not as easy as it looks
Woah! Pure, sheer talent, perfected through years of patience and practice.

Don't expect some exotic animal being exploited here, nor some crazy antics of a mascot with ice skates. This circus is unlike any other.

The Grand National Acrobatics Circus is a show that celebrates the human form. There are no elaborate tricks, no fire throwers or sword eaters--just plain and simple use of ordinary things and the application of sheer acrobatic talent. Plus of course, the use of music that compliments those acts on stage. 

This differentiates this show from others, such as the one at SMX and that of Resort World Manila--these two shows are your average, run of the mill circus shows, that plays up animals, freaks, magicians and what-have-you. 

If you want to watch a complete show, this is it, I tell you!

You want romance? Let that young and beautiful ballerina and her consort show you what love truly is. 

You want some naughty expressions of love? Let the beautiful umbrella girl amaze you with her "romantic liaisons" with her consort.

this will solve our humongous traffic problem
How about bicycles? Remember there was a rage for bicycles during the time of the great Chairman Mao Tsetung when he reminded his compatriots of the need for austerity. Everyone got his own bicycle. 

Imagine at least fifteen people riding just one bicycle. Sounds impossible? Wait til you see the Grand China National Circus at the Araneta Coliseum. No, make it TWENTY people riding one bike!

How did they do that? Well, practice and of course, team work. 

I was teary-eyed when I was watching the show. Why? 

My youngest kid, the bunso, was really amazed at what he was seeing on stage. His face was full of wunderment. And he claps every single time. Imagine, he's barely 3 years old, but he seems to really enjoy the show. 

I tried bothering him, trying to distract his attention. But, no. He was really so at it that nothing would really work to distract him.

This is totally different from our experience watching that fake IMAX Tron Legacy movie featured by SM IMAX at the Mall of Asia. 

I really regretted watching that movie at MOA. I forked 401 pesos for a movie that is not an IMAX movie but simply a 3-D. Talk about thievery and robbery, that was what I and my family felt when I watched at the IMAX theater at the MOA.

Anyway, at least this one is not a fake nor some show that promises to only make you poorer by the thousands. Oh, no. You'll feel that it was really worth it, going to Araneta from Makati to just watch this spectacular of a show. 

Fact is, I commend the Araneta Group of Companies, specifically UNIPROM for staging this wunderment. This is a gift to the Filipino People.

I was informed that the show would stage its last on January 3, at 6pm. Those who have'nt seen the show, you still have time to catch it at the Araneta Coliseum. I don't know the show times (there were two (?) at 2pm and 6pm), but just inquire at the Ticketnet offices. 

Don't wait. Go there now and book yourself. You'll never regret it. Come, see the show with your entire family. 

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