Sunday, January 2, 2011

Prayer for the Nation for 2011

Heavenly Father, the God of gods, and the Lord of Lords, I praise you and worship your Most Holy Name. 

There is no other gods before you or after you. 

You who have created everything. You who through the might of Your Words, created the Universal Design, I praise you and worship you.

My God, forgive me of all my sins. Forgive still, the sins of my people. Cleanse us of all filth. Make us worthy to stand in your presence to serve and worship you. Make us a holy nation.

Father, help us heal our nation. Unify us as a people. Make us strong as a Nation. Help us bring about change in these beautiful lands which you so bestowed upon us. 

Father, it was You who gave these lands under our care. Make us strong our God against those who want to exploit it for their own. Weaken those who want to see these lands destroyed because of the riches underneath the soil. Frustrate those who want nothing but profits from these lands, for their own, while leaving most of us, poor and destitute. 

Bless our President. Give him the strength to overcome all obstacles barring his way. Strengthen his resolve to give us justice. Make him stronger still against those who want to plunder our nation. Father, always remind him of his promises and of his duties. Do not blind his eyes. Do not close his ears. Make him see and hear the sufferings of our People. And make him do things which benefits the entire People.

Father, should he fail in his promises, like what you did with Saul, strike him, O Father. Raise up a David amongst us, he who will do Your Bidding, according to Your Will, o Father. 

Bless our government officials. Shield them from thoughts of raiding our public coffers. Strike them with disease if they ever so think of getting even a peso from our taxes just to enrich themselves. Make their disease ever so painful and ever so uncurable, My Father, so that they may be reminded that for every peso they steal from us, millions suffer in extreme poverty. 

Bless our leaders. Show them the light, my Father. Cleanse them of all filth. Strike those who think nothing but themselves. Curse their families, those who think high and mighty and proud about themselves. Strike those who oppress the people, those who go to bed with jueteng lords, drug lords and criminal demons. Strike them with an incurable disease, Father. Spread boils within their bodies so that they will always be reminded of the suffering of Your People.

Bless our businessmen. Show them the good way, o Father. Make them realize that it is not only profits that they should be after, it is the general welfare of the People. Make more Manny Villars and more Manny Pangilinans, my Father, who wish to see a more prosperous People than reap personal rewards. Those who will not tread the Holy Way, my Father, strike them with deadly diseases, those which they monies cannot cure. 

Bless every single one of the toiling masses, o Father. Make every single one of us, stronger despite not having to eat three times a day, and inspite of not having to sleep soundly at night due to our aches and pains in life. Give my People, the respite we so need. Father, send your Holy angels and your messengers to Your People. Give your suffering ones, water to quench their thirst and food to satiate their hunger. 

Bless those who struggle for justice o Father. Strengthen their limbs, their bodies, their minds. Help them continue fighting for your Cause. Make them fight under the Banner of Your Love, o Father. Though some people mock them, strengthen them my God. 

Bless the New Patriots of the New Generation, o Father. Make them strong. Make them realize they are fighting not for themselves but for the people. Strengthen their minds, fortify their fortitude. 

Father, for those who still do not believe in You, make them realize the error of their ways. Show them the path that leads to Your True Church. 

Father, bless my family, prolong the life of my mother, make prosperous the life of my sister and her family, and always give good health to my children. Bless my wife. Bless her family. 

This I pray to you, the Only and Most Holy God, Amen.