Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Supreme Court says Truth Commission Unconstitutional: Quo Vadis, Filipino People?

The Dark Lords are still around
The Supreme Court of the Philippines just declared the Executive Order establishing a Truth Commission to try the numerous "crimes" committed by the previous administration as "null and void". Reason? The Corona-led tribunal cited: (1) the equal protection clause and reasoned that the Commission has usurped the powers of constitutional bodies whose tasks run parallel with that of the Truth Commission.

The vote? 10-5. Chief Justice Corona, whose midnight appointment was initially opposed by President Benigno Aquino III sided with those who concurred with the decision. Five dissented including: Associate Justices: Antonio Nachura, Antonio Carpio, Conchita Carpio Morales, Maria Lourdes Sereno and Roberto Abad. 

All of those who favored were appointed by former President Gloria Arroyo. Arroyo is the subject of the Truth Commission.

So, now, this is the second legal defeat of Noynoy, the first one when the Supreme Court defended Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez from impeachment attempts.

Besides, there were actually no real attempts by this administration to seriously communicate their desire to the members of the Highest Tribunal. Before, factotums of the palace regularly communicate and maintain close relations with members of the Supreme Court.

Or, this is actually part of the "script" showing the alleged collusion between the present and former administration? There were rumours before that the Aquino and the Arroyo administration have already signed an informal peace pact. 

What now, Mr. President?

What about the people's thirst for justice? What about those who suffered under the tyrannical Arroyo regime, what would happen to them? 

How about those who lost their shirts when the Arroyo misfits ruled the government? What happens to the billions and billions of pesos stolen from us by the Arroyos and their henchmen? 

With this defeat in the Supreme Court, the obvious remedy is really convince the Office of the Ombudsman to lead in the investigation and file appropriate charges against the Arroyo administration.

The thing is this---Gutierrez happens to be the head of the Office and she's highly respected by her colleagues and staff in that office, despite perceived "negative" news about her and about her alleged links with the First Gentleman. 

If this administration again tries to impeach her, that, I think, will just fall by the wayside. Gutierrez has shown her mettle as both an administrator and a highly respected and impartial Ombudsman, according to what her staff say.

This ruling is unprecedented in its effects. It just means that every government can actually do what it wants, steal as many as a billion or two during their incumbency since no one would actually try them after their term of thievery has ended.

This is a very sad day for all those seeking for justice. 

This is a very sad day for Philippine democracy.

This justifies that if the Filipino People want true justice, the People may have to take matters in their own hands. 

This justifies a revolution of sorts, a revolution overhauling the very system in order to really get justice for the people. 

This is the only solution if we really want those who stole billions from our treasury jailed.