Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's instore for the Aquino administration in 2011

2011 will be a year when the Aquino administration will regain its moral focus, when those who unfortunately did not win the senatorial elections, would again see themselves hugging the headlines once more.

These people, who are mostly idealists and members of civil society, will be given sensitive posts to fill their talents in. They are a good addition to this government, which continues to portray a progressive stance. 

For example, Nereus Acosta is reviewing his laws on natural resources for his eventual takeover of the Department of Natural Resources. Riza Hontiveros of AKBAYAN is still scouting for her place while several others are just preparing to be "activated". Some feel these people are out to gain public leverage from their posts, posturing for another stab at it come 2013. And why not? 2013 remains a very promising year for those aspiring for a Senatorial post since the big time heavyweights are obviously out.

The question really is, will the Liberals continue their dominance of the legislative department? Yes. Nacionalista heavyweight Senator Manny Villar is out by next 2013. Villar, according to some, will remain in the business sector. His brilliance there remains extremely beneficial to our country. He continues to help impoverished sectors with his foundation.

A mid-term elections are most beneficial for those "unknowns" or "still lacking some credentials" Given the chance, these people are possible "shoo-ins" in the Senate, provided they are given the big chance of exposure. A government post provides that possibility.