Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who then killed the Vizcondes?

The Supreme Court has just acquitted the primary suspects in the brutal Vizconde massacre case. Voting 7-4-4, the Supreme Court says that these suspects were not responsible for the crime which happened more than a decade and a half ago.

So, now, the question looms---who really killed the Vizconde family members inside their house in Paranaque City? Who brutally murdered Lauro Vizconde's wife, Estrellita, who bore wounds inflicted by a crazed man? 

Who killed Carmela and Jennifer? Carmela, according to court records, was a very close friend of Hubert Webb, one of the primary suspects in the controversial case. Webb, along with his friends and buddies, Antonio "TonyBoy" Lejano, son of actress Pinky de Leon, Michael Gatchalian and Miguel Rodriguez, sons of prominent lawyers; Peter Estrada, son of a wealthy businessman, Pyke Fernandez, son of a retire Commodore, Joey Filart, a relative of former NCR Command Chief Marino Filart and Dong Ventura, son of a businessman were acquitted.

The basis for the acquittal was the alleged "quality of the testimonies of the witnesses" including star witness, Jessica Alfaro. Alfaro, according to the Supreme Court, was an NBI agent. Her testimony, according to the Court, was tinged with inconsistencies. 

This is how starwitness Alfaro told it before the Courts:

Alfaro said that she, along with the suspects, were at the scene, that fateful night of June 30, 1991.

A confessed drug addict, Alfaro said that the group led by Webb, has just finished a shabu session when Hubert Webb decided to go to Carmela Vizconde's house in BF Homes Subdivision in Paranaque. 

(Court records however show that Huber Webb was in the United States when the brutal crime was committed. The defense showed a video clip of Webb, enjoying his "vacation" in the States)

Hubert, according to Jessica, was smitten with the beauty of Carmela. The drug-crazed suspect reportedly thought of raping Carmela.

The group then rode three different cars. While they were going to the Vizconde's house, the group sniffed shabu. Alfaro allegedly saw Webb follow Carmela while others served as lookouts. The first to be killed was Estrellita, Carmela's mother. Carmela was supposedly raped. Seven year old Jennifer was also stabbed to death. The young child was reportedly killed while trying to prevent Webb from raping Carmela. 

A sperm specimen recovered from the cadaver of Carmela was not presented before the Courts because police reportedly lost the evidence. 

Estrellita bore 13 stab wounds, Carmela had 17 and Jennifer, 19 mortal stab wounds. After allegedly stabbing the Vizcondes, Webb reportedly called policeman Gerardo Biong. Biong was tagged as the one who destroyed vital physical evidence such as clothing and the bloodied bedsheets. 

This was not the only thread in Alfaro's testimony. There were several inconsistencies in Alfaro's testimony. Despite this, Paranaque trial court Branch 274 Judge Amelita Tolentino gave credence to the issues raised by the prosecution including the relevance of Alfaro's testimony. Webb and his friends were convicted on January 6, 2000.

Prosecution presented just 7 witnesses while the defense presented 95 witnesses. The Court banished Webb with a penalty of reclusion perpetua. 

The prosecution lost the case before the Court of Appeals in 2005. The decision was affirmed on January 2007. The CA gave credence to Webb's passport issued by the Bureau of Immigration which bears a departure stamp on March 9, 1991 and arrival stamp of October 27, 1992.

Biong, who reportedly cleared the evidence, was freed. After several months, now the prime suspects.

Who then killed the Vizcondes?