Monday, January 3, 2011

Alex Lacson and the Birth of Pinoy Patriotism

Five days from now, and I'll be celebrating my ____birthday. Curiously, my friend, Atty. Alex Lacson will celebrate his, two days from now, January 5. We're both Capricorns. 

Lacson and I will continue to advocate for real change in this country. Some would probably say that our ideals are quite out-of-the box because we are spearheading the movement for change thru cultural transformation. Seems too daunting a task, since, Pnoys are still heavy into Western thinking and philosophies and with new and advance technologies, continue to do things which are, well, different from Pinoy beliefs. 

A year ago, Alex asked me if I believe that change would happen under Pinoy's watch. I told him, the next six years would actually focus more on rebuilding the nation instead of seeing a marked improvement in the lives of the people. Whoever inherits Pnoy's post after 2016 will have that role of steering the country towards greatness. 2016 will be the beginning of this country's ascension to glory. The interim, which started 2010, will just be a period of steering the country past choppy waters.

Despite getting so much flak for appointing "weaklings" in his official family, Aquino's administration, honestly, is gaining a faster than usual, momentum. For one, foreign investor confidence in the Philippine economy has returned. More foreign companies are thinking of relocating their operations from neighbouring Asian countries to the Philippines. More and more local investors are setting businesses left and right to the benefit of Filipinos. 

This faster pace, I credit to the patriotic men and women volunteers like Alex Lacson who remained steadfast in their campaign for change. They are the people behind the curtain who do not lust for any position. They are the people who believe that some substantial things can still be done while changing the system "from the center", from "within". I initially had reservations. Later, however, I am beginning to think that Alex is right after all. 

This President listens intently from critiques. This President remains personally committed in seeing change happen in his lifetime. This president has a burning desire to be different from his predecessors.

The only question that remains is whether or not he, Aquino, will allow himself to be caught in the middle of internal bickerings and whether or not he will still allow his business allies to rake in huge profits to the detriment of the People. 

I must not worry. We have people like Alex Lacson who remains very optimistic that change is within our grasps. And I believe that he will do his best to see that he is not wrong in choosing which side to offer his life for. 

Lacson is on a mission. He is not getting any younger (like me, hehehe!:-). We, of the late 80's generation, must try to unify our generation and see that relevant changes occur during our lifetimes. It is not solely for our sake as a generation, but moreso, for our children and our children's children. 

We call for change because that is the call of the times. 

We believe in change because we do it not for our benefit, but for the future generations.

To Alex and the rest of my colleagues over at Kabayanihan Foundation, I toast to our success.

May we always be inspired to lead our people towards the Light of Change especially when we celebrate our birthdays.

To Alex, happy birthday, my dear kuya.