Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stop the TOLL Rate Hikes!

Several months ago, President Benigno Aquino III said that he owes his position to the Filipino People. Aquino recognizes the sovereign power of the Filipino People. 

Now, after several months in power, it seems that Aquino and his cabinet already forgot who their bosses are.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda in an interview with Ted Failon today, said that President Aquino III has approved the toll hikes at the North and South expressways under the principle of "honoring the commitments of the government with private investors".

I personally have no problem with honoring government's commitments with private investors. Yet, if this commitment harms the interests of the people, then, quo vadis, Mr. President?

Whose interests would you prioritize, Mr. President?

The 325% increase in toll fees is too much, Mr. President. Look, news reports say prices of vegetables have increased because of the toll fees. This is the direct effect of the Toll Regulatory Board's almost dogged adherence to the interests of investors, instead of the Filipino People.

These toll hikes lack the requisite public hearings, Mr. President. With this alone, the President is empowered to recommend a review of the TRB's decision and possibly order a stoppage of the implementation of toll rate hikes.

If the President shows incapacity or is incapable of protecting the public interest, who, then, will protect the People?

Let the People show their outrage and disgust over this inhumane toll rate hike.

Is the President so weak that he is not capable of overturning the decision of a mere agency of government?