Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Graft in Customs continues: Vice and Crime Syndicates have doubled

A joke going around the Bureau of Customs nowadays concerns President Noynoy Aquino and his men's concept of a "straight road" or "tuwid na daan." Several businessmen who conduct daily businesses over at the Bureau of Customs says that the only thing that changed there after Noynoy's assumption into office is that the"taripa" or protection money does not go to middle or lower ranks of bureau assessors and collectors, oh no. 

Taripa has gone straight to the top. Instead of snaking its way towards the top, taripa and protection money goes all the way "straight" to the very top.

Sources told this writer that taripa at the Bureau has increased by almost 50%. 

Likewise, several sources within the police anti-drug enforcement bureau says that the number of international drug syndicates have increased in the Philippines. From a measly 3 syndicates, there are now seven international drug syndicates operating in the Philippines. 

These drug syndicates are allegedly using the ports of the country as tran-shipment for cocaine, metamphetamine hydrochloride, ecstacy and marijuana. A Chinese drug lord using the alias, "Peter Chen" runs the international drug ring in the country. 

A certain "Samuel Ong" reportedly serves as a conduit between the Aquino relative and the drug lords. Ong is reportedly an influence peddler and was once involved in the importation business. His contact in Malacanang, says the source, is very, very influential and close to the President. This information, however, remains unverified. 

Several sources also revealed that jueteng protection money has now reached the very top, as high as Malacanang. A very close relative of Pnoy is being blamed for the almost wanton disregard of jueteng lords of the law. 

"Intelligentsia" or protection money have doubled since October of last year and are being regularly couriered to close associates of the "Powers-that-be", says a source who has been deep into the jueteng business since the sixties (he remains as an active "consultant" by several jueteng lords, but he himself, has "retired"). 

The jueteng conduit right now between the "lords" and the official resident of the palace is a certain Chinoy, named Alfred. Alfred is reportedly a former bank executive who now runs his own string of hotels, restaurants and hardware stores. Alfred, several sources reveal, is very close to an Aquino relative. This relative is very influential.

By the way, a mid-level government executive who was once involved in the Pnoy presidential campaign, has reportedly bought several pieces of property at a posh subdivision in Metro Manila and Pampanga. This executive is a known influence peddler. The executive also goes around town in his new SUV.