Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Major General Carlos Garcia is "untouchable"?

Ex Major General Carlos Garcia knows many secrets
So, it is now in the open.

Major General Carlos Garcia and government prosecutors entered into a plea bargain agreement as early as May 4, 2010. The agreement was finalized during the frenzy of the election period. Sneaky sonafab...h.

Garcia entered into an agreement with government to avoid possible death sentence after being accused of violating the anti-graft and corrupt practices act and the anti-money laundering law. The agreement was entered by Garcia with the Office of the Special Prosecutor of the Ombudsman. 

Garcia pleaded guilty to a lesser offense which would also exonerate his wife and kid. His wife was caught with US$100,000 by US immigration authorities. His kid, meanwhile, enjoys the high life, thanks to those billions stashed in various locations in the United States. Garcia's gay son lives as a high fashion consultant in the states. 

Before his arrest, Garcia was the AFP Comptroller. Sources say Garcia amassed his wealth from alleged protection money from syndicates, car companies, insurance and commissions from defense deals entered during the Arroyo, Estrada and Ramos administrations.

He was charged with graft, for amassing 300 million in assets. In the plea bargain, Garcia agreed to part with 135.5 million pesos worth of his assets. Sources within the military says that what Garcia promised to give was just a tip of a billion peso ice-berg. 

Why is Garcia's case so special, so controversial and makes him "untouchable"?

Some disgruntled junior officers revealed that Garcia serves as the alleged official "treasurer" and "trust keeper" par excellence of the organization's pool of generals. 

Garcia managed to sneak his way out of his predicament after allegedly threatening to "spill the beans". Garcia knows how certain officials of the AFP "laundered" money, including those formerly involved in the controversial RSBS deal. 

Many former generals are having "sleepless nights", says several officers, and sweating profusely because of Garcia's case. The only reason why Garcia is still alive is he knows the "combination" and "bank account numbers" of "certain accounts" being kept in various foreign banks allegedly entrusted to him by several high-ranking officers and former generals of the AFP. 

A Hongkong group composed of Filipinos (some of them former journalists) is reportedly the "handler" of several accounts which Garcia entered. This HK-based group is allegedly the "go-to" agency of high-profile public personalities.