Friday, March 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor is dead. And I am telling myself that my dear friend, Ding Gagelonia is now probably with her in heaven. 

Taylor represents a glamourous generation, totally different and probably alien to most of us. Liz Taylor lived a full life. She's an respected actress, a style and fashion icon, and a class of her own. 

That blue eyes and captivating smile lit up thousands of cinemas during her prime. She mesmerized millions with her convincing role as Cleopatra, the temptress who nearly caused the downfall of an empire. 

In real life, she was evidently her generation's temptress, marrying seven and divorcing six times.  Many men fell for her, as she was the symbol of sexiness during her prime.

Beneath that beautiful alabaster skin and radiant face hides a soft and warm soul. She dedicated herself with causes, especially when her friend, Rock Hudson succumbed to aids in the late 80's. Her dedication to aids work filled up her time.

And now she's gone, probably one of the last surviving members of that glam generation, we can all just fill our memories with her iconic images and tell ourselves that it would take a thousand years before another one of that same electricity will once again light up our world.