Friday, March 25, 2011

The Value of a Man

A man's value is measured by the length and breadth of his influence on other people's lives. When a man touches the lives of others by his actions, his words and his care, his value is worth a thousand diamonds.

Wealth is nothing, absolutely nothing. He may have the most number of cars, he may probably own thousands of hectares of land, but if these were all fruits of his vicious and evil ways, this man is valued as nothing. Zitch. Zero.

A man who already conquered the world with his sword yet did nothing to uplift the lives of those who lived in this world, is like a puny maggot, munching specks of dirt and ingesting detestable things.

And a man who shared his knowledge with those around him, animating their lives with his wisdom, and counselling them on what to say or do, is like a pariah in a beautiful island Eden.

We live once, only once. If we tread the evil path, our lives amount to nothing. If we remain pious and strong, our lives begin to have relevance.

When we live based on our principles of saving the lives of widows, teaching the orphans how to feed themselves and enriching the lives of the poor, we live according to the universal plan. 

Living is not just living just to survive. It is living by acknowledging that weaknesses are strengths and these only transform as such if we share this struggle with others.

Ding, Manong Jules, Manong Max, Jocab, Lito Villarosa and the rest of the old guards have nothing to show in terms of wealth. They are not your Forbes' top billionaires.

During their times however, they tread these paths like giants, shaking the very foundations of Philippine society and began the re-imagination of this Nation.

They don't have tons of money to flaunt their friends, but their memories will live forever! Their words have immortalized them. Their flesh has succumbed to the inevitable law of the universe, yet, their memories, their works and their words will remain forever!

We, who remain in this earth, will send you paeans every single day of our lives.

Ding, friend, mentor and colleague, may you live forever!