Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Noynoy Aquino's ratings dip 13% drop according to SWS

Analyzing the latest SWS survey shows that this is not just a dip in the public's perception of the President's performance but a precarious drop that is expected to continue as this administration enters its one year rule. 

The fast slide came shortly after President Aquino purchased a Porsche, and the absence of concrete programs and solutions that defined what he termed as a "straight road" administration. 

Aquino is being judged by the people under a "moralscope", and not as objectively as say, his performance against graft and corruption. Notice how vulnerable Aquino is. His ratings continue to drop across all socio-economic classes after just one contentious issue--a moral one. 

Perceptions of the president's easy-going style of governance also harmed and continues to harm this administration. 

So, Aquino is being judged not on actual performance but on his moral mis-steps. This is dangerous since political governance is different than moral governance. This is subjective assessment. How can an administration put up with that type of assessment?

This is why it is so dangerous for any political administration to mouth moral platitudes when it is supposed to govern based on established political principles, most of which are dependent not on moral values.