Monday, March 28, 2011

Willie Revillame and the Jan-Jan Episode

I am now doubting the gender of Mr. Willie Revillame. I mean, come on! 

Who, in his right mind, would love to see a 6-year old boy gyrate before him? Who, in his right mind, would love slapping, cursing, and pulling the hair of a hapless woman, wife and all?

Only someone who probably fantasizes something of a pedophilic show or a wrestling match with a frail woman would love these scenes of another individual being tortured or being made a mockery before a lusty public, hungry for cheap thrills from a cheap person.

Will you enjoy seeing a crying child being bastardized before millions of eyes around the world? ONly a sick mind would allow that.

Entertainment has its limits. A gyrating 6 year old, mimicking a macho dancer, is not entertainment. Its pure and simple exploitation of a weak individual. 

This is like seeing an American soldier being beheaded by a terrorist. Or a lola being kept in a cage by her daughter and a sadistic son-in-law.

Probably, and some people guess, Willie suffered the same humiliation from some thugs in his neighborhood when he was still a kid, that's why he want the same done to another.

Willie, will you be so kind to indulge us the pleasure of you gyrating before us, while we throw tomatoes and rotten onions at your face, in exchange for 1 peso?

Had I been there watching, probably, what I'll do is something which millions of us want---arrest Willie Revillame.

It was a clear case of violation of the law, Republic Act 7610. Under our Revised Penal Code, citizen's arrest is allowed when you see someone clearly violating the law. 

By the way, we have'nt seen Willie Revillame behind bars, inspite of these violations of our laws. Is Willie so "malakas" that he always, always escape the thugs waiting for him at the Quezon City jail?

And if Willie's protectors still see this as part of entertainment, of showbiz, think again. It's a crime and a sin for someone to gain from this. 

Is this the corporate practice of some of Willie's sponsors to gain from allowing such inhumanity shown on primetime television?

If Willie escapes the long arms of the law this time, I'll militate in the streets. Such man should not be allowed to entertain us. Clearly, we are not amused, not at all. Entertainment is simply not a Greek comedy.