Thursday, March 24, 2011

True score behind alleged INC intervention at Merci Impeachment at the House

Cynthia Jumilla of TV Patrol reported the presence of several INC officials during the "haggling phase" at Congress. Reportedly, several INC top honchos went to the room of a pro-Merci Congressman and tried to dissuade several Congressmen from voting against Merceditas Gutierrez. 

The report was negative for several INC officials. NPR learned that this was not an official decision coming from the head of the Church, who happens to be abroad when these news of several INC officials trying to lobby for Gutierrez.

According to a source, these officials acted on their own. This was never allowed by the INC.

The source also said that there is no truth to reports that INC supports Noynoy Aquino. Fact is, majority of the INC still supports former president Joseph Estrada.

" There is nothing to sever since there was no relationship between Mr. Aquino and the INC in the first place." says the highly credible source.

An investigation is now, underway. At least seven INC officials reportedly tried to lobby for Merceditas Gutierrez.

Despite these, the House pursued the motion to carry the articles of impeachment to the Senate. The Senate will start the impeachment process in May.