Thursday, March 24, 2011

Corruption at the Bureau of Customs

Corruption continues at the Bureau of Customs.

A small brokerage firm is now on the brink of disaster. Why? Because a customs employee by the name of "Magno" continually harass the owner of the brokerage firm. 

This Magno collects 2 million pesos from the firm. The firm has not decided yet. Magno uses the name of his boss, a certain "Vicencio", head of the BOC CIIS. Vicencio, in turn, uses the name of Bureau of Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez. 

Alvarez, according to these two nincoompoops, reportedly gave them an assignment--50 million pesos per month.

NPR later learned from highly reliable sources at the BOC that this is not true. Alvarez has not given any order to collect from brokerage firms. Fact is, Alvarez has ordered for the filing of charges and arrest of those who will continue the practice of getting grease money from brokers.

Mr. Alvarez, we know you're clean. My friend, who is also your friend, told me that you don't tolerate these things.

I suggest that you fire these two people and replace them with honest ones.