Sunday, March 27, 2011

Western Neo-Imperialism Against Middle East

Syria is next victim of the United States in the country's quest for more glory, says Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. He revealed what analysts have been saying all along, and for decades now---that the US has revived the neo-imperialist template to be able to survive.

The US, along with their Western partners, are ransacking the Middle East not just for their oil, but also for their territories. They are striking Libya, hitting not just military but civilian infrastructures to control not just the country's vast oil resources, but also the right to rebuild the country shortly after the war. 

The rest of the world have been silenced effectively, even the American people. Unlike what happened in Iraq, peoples around the world have been miffed into silent acquiesce.

It is now up to the Arab, African and South American nations to rise up against this creeping global dictatorship being perpetuated by these Graeco-Roman ascendants.

It is now up to the true believers of Islam to protect the very land given to them by Allah SWT. Regardless of who rules them for a while, the order of the day is repulse the onslaught being undertaken by the non-believers.