Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big Time Operator Does a COPA copabana

I'm now convinced that those who launched EDSA dos were clearly big-time operators. Yep, I am. That there was no shred of patriotism nor nationalism involved---only business. EDSA dos was an all-business affair to prevent new economic players from getting a bigger slice that what the system allows them to get.

One of the braggarts of that pseudo-revolt, is now running around government offices, offering his "protection" services especially to those who risk losing their jobs due to the current shakedown. 

His services goes to as high as 5 million to 10 million pesos. Of course, he claims to be big because he only has the vice president backing him up. He claims to be also very close to the President, seeing that he is the runner of the president's uncle and claims to have been the guy who orchestrated the defeat of Mar Roxas. 

I am extremely wary that these people are really the ones causing these graft and corruption. THis guy claims to have strong links with the military, but apparently, I think, they really can't do another EDSA anymore. 

BUlok na sila at gastado na ang mga pandaraya nila.