Friday, April 15, 2011

Bureau of Customs scores big with intercept of big resins shipment

The main thing about this government is its sincerity in its fight against graft and corruption. Just like what is happening right now at the Bureau of Customs. Idealistic people are slowly entering the service and changing the face of this once-troubled agency.
Yet, brokers and corrupt men still lurk along the dark alleys of this government agency.

When BOC Commissioner Angelito Alvarez instituted tight controls on warehousing, smugglers went on another route, this time, using transhipment to bring in tons of plastic resin inside the country. Transshipment, if you don't know, deprives the government of billions of pesos worth of customs duties and taxes because no taxes are being paid under the transhippment declaration.

Yesterday, my source received an intelligence report that a particular transshipment of 6 x40 said to contain plastic resin materials was to be diverted elsewhere. The former reason was just a transfer from MCIP to the Port of Manila.

The source then ordered his men to follow the delivery trucks. The tail ended in a warehouse at Industrial Road, Karuhatan Valenzuela. Based on the report, the consignee is XURICH Corporation, while the alleged broker is Tina Yu. The container numbers are as follows:
EMCU 1376406
GATU 4454417
FSCU 4490836
MLCU 5151343
EISU 1623556
EISU 1738107
Fresh reports say the containers are still there. Congratulations to the Bureau of Customs for apprehending and pro-actively cleansing its ranks of corrupt men and women.

Congratulations to BOC Commissioner Angelito Alvarez and his men over at the intelligence division.