Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Corporatist State Under Noynoy Aquino

The rising perception that this administration is fast transforming itself as a corporatist State is what is harming its reputation before the people. 

The prevailing policy of "business as usual" and the seeming lack of concern for the social and general welfare are things which people hate about this government.

For example, the Aquino administration's "hands-off" policy in the recent fuel price hikes shows what side this administration really is--it favors Big Business interests.

Fact is, this administration is worse than the previous one. This administration does not know its priorities. Aquino lets Big Business do their thing without consideration about the people's welfare. At the beginning of this administration, Aquino lets out a clear propaganda line--he considers the "people" his "boss" and therefore he is subservient to them.

What he failed to say is who are these people whom he considers "bosses"?

Seems like the Aquino administration real bosses are Big Business interests and those whom it protects are the cartelists who dictate the direction of the markets.

Fact is, the full corporatism of the Aquino administration can be seen in its policies of privatizing even the military camps and social services which are supposed to be dispensed by government.

If, even the granting of gambling permits, this government wants privatized, then, let's privatize the entire bureaucracy and let Big Business make a huge profit.