Friday, April 1, 2011

Innocence lost: When Insensitivity sets in

First quarter Consumer Confidence survey show a negative 23% about the economy. Many Filipinos are more pessimistic now than before. The BSP survey is more reflective of the true public sentiments of what is happening right now, than say the Pulse and SWS surveys.

I saw Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda's interview over ANC. Though the Palace admits that there was a dip in the President's ratings, Lacierda tries to reason that this is entirely normal. Ratings of almost all Philippine presidents dip in their first year in office.

This one, of Noynoy's, however, shows a considerable drop in confidence a few months before his first year in office. When compared with former presidents Cory, Fidel and Erap, Aquino's rating slide is comparable with that of Arroyo's. 

Lacierda had a hard time, explaining this thing and that thing, but one issue that stumped him was this Porsche thing. Lacierda defended the President's decision, again, reiterating that the Chief Executive used his own money in buying this luxury car.

It was not about whether the President did, indeed, used his own money or not. People got angry when the President showed his insensitivity.

People thought that Noynoy was insensitive when he purchased that car, never mind if he used his own money. And seriously, it was his own doing.

Noynoy wanted to impress the people by acting like a populist leader. When he told the people that the masses are his bosses, the people believed him and expected him to be their servant. When he told the people that he is just the same as them, who felt the effects of oppression and who thinks of officials as servants, the people expect him to be like that, a servant.

When Noynoy acted contrary to what he proclaimed publicly, the people slowly lost their trust of him. Trust is the only thing that binds a government with the people. When a government loses this, it loses legitimacy.

Subsequent events also showed how insensitive this government is. 

When the issue of the three Filipinos executed in China came, statements from the Palace were less sensitive. Instead of immediately commiserating with the people, the Palace even mouthed what Chinese authorities said--that Filipinos ought to respect their laws. 

Filipinos do recognize these laws, except that it was not this that Filipinos are asking for--they are asking for compassion and understanding, something which this government failed to show. 

Yes, the fates of the three Filipinos are as certain as the sun rises in the east, but, Filipinos are still hopeful then, that a miracle would happen and something wonderful comes out of this thing. 

What the Palace did was impress upon the people its insensitivity. Ah, we can't do anything about these three Filipinos because they were tried based on Chinese law, says the Palace.

We are not asking that from you, countered the People. We are asking you to show at least the same longing like us, that, heaven will grant our pleas and will open its gates to send angels down for our condemned brother and sisters.