Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vicki Bello risks

Vicki Bello, the controversial cosmetics consultant claiming to be a cosmetics or plastic surgeon, has not really learned her lesson. Bello has been charged by numerous entities. And she is, well, still very stubborn. She probably thinks that she can bend the law since she's awash with cash.

Well, Ms. Bello, there is a limit to everything.

For one, Bello is reportedly behind a malicious smear campaign against a quiet Filipino-Chinese family, who happens to be her major competitor in the beauty business. 

Bello's products have not moved in groceries and supermarkets for reasons, only the discerning consumer knows. Her soaps and other beauty and cosmetics products, even her perfumes have not really been hits. Fact is, these are seldom used or even noticed by the public. Maybe they don't want to smell like Hayden or they don't want to be part of alleged fakery, as alleged by Bello's detractors and former friends.

Anyway, Bello used her publicist to heap a set of lies against this very private family. What Bello does not know, and probably even the publicist, they risk jail time because the courts have already decided repeatedly these cases they heap against the family. 

The RTCs and even the Court of Appeals have repeatedly belied the accusations, but Bello wants daw to pressure this company for her own ends.

Poor Bello. She does not know what she is going into. She is entering a world totally different from her own.

One advice to Bello and her publicist, former Inquirer entertainment reporter Leah Salterio---we already know that you are the source of this new smear campaign. 

You can be prosecuted for this since it is illegal to use a case already lost before the courts as basis to spread lies, malicious that is. 

It is very easy to prove this since the family, whom I described, has all the tools to prosecute Bello and her publicist. 

If they don't want to spend two or three years in jail, says this source of mine, they will not dare tread this path.