Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama's income shrunk to US$ 1.7 million as President

Did you know that US President Barack Obama paid close to half a million dollars in taxes after only netting US$ 1.7 million this year? Yes, Obama's income shrunk--from an annual US$ 5 million to just US$ 1.7million. Really, the US president "survived" this year due to the royalties he earned from his books. Without his books, Obama would not have enough income to sustain his family. Poor.

The former law professor now the first African-American president even donated 14.2% of his income to 36 charities, with the biggest, around US$36,000 to the Fisher House Foundation---a charity for members of the US Armed Forces.

Imagine this, the strongest and most influential man in America and the leader of the world's top economy, getting only a measly 1.7 million in income.

Don't tell that to former Philippine presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyos. These two are legends in their own fields. Marcos income skyrockted to 300% every single year in his 20 year or so reign. While Arroyo, well, she's a class all by her lonesome. After only nine years in power, Arroyo is now one of the wealthiest thief, err, legislator in the Philippines.

How about President Noynoy Aquino? Did his income increased? Who really paid for that Porsche worth 4 million pesos. I'm sure that alone says something---that Aquino earned MORE THAN 4 MILLION, since he can afford to pay for a wonderful Porsche.