Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Priest: Aquino is bad Catholic

A Catholic without a conscience is a bad one. This is how I paraphrase a priest named Father Jerry Oblepias when asked how to describe President Aquino. Fr. Oblepias was asked what he thinks of Aquino's support of the Reproductive Health bill, which the Catholic Church sees as not reproductive, not healthy and not a bill (violative of the Constitution).

Let me just say that for me a bad Catholic is the one who does not follow God's laws. If he gambles, he punches his wife in the face, mauls his own son or kills another, surely, this person is not only bad--he's probably not a Catholic at all, but Satan's acolyte.

A bad Catholic is someone who does not have a conscience, that's what Jerry Oblepias says. If you don't have a conscience, then, are you even religious or even a Catholic? If you're bad, then, you're out of God's circle right, because only those good belong to God.

Anyway, the Church is on a direct collision course with this administration because of the recent pronouncement of the President in support of RH bill. Aquino supports the RH bill, but is so trapo, he did'nt include it in the forty or so priority bills of his administration. Meaning, he supports it, but sees it as unnecessary to overtly express support for something which might put him in political jeopardy.

But, what did Aquino do to deserve such a "bad rep"? For Catholics, supporting the bill means supporting a measure that would kill life. Yep, if there is a spermaticide in that condom, that sperm dies. Anything that has life should not be killed, says the Church. Right, how about those millions of lives lost in the Crusades, are they not lives?

" When the sperm and the egg unites, there's life". Question---what if the sperm stays inside a condom, will it be a sin to destroy or kill the sperm while inside the condom? For Catholics no. That's double standard. How would that be when the Catholic said

I agree that when the sperm meets the egg, and the egg is fertilized, that's life. You can't have life, if say, you suddenly pulled out the john before it releases those spurts of passion right? That's how many Catholics do it.

So, if withdrawal method feels and probably looks the same as that of using condom, then, where's the debate? The Catholic church does not want people to use condoms, because it kills the sperms or sperms die before it reaches the egg. The withdrawal method is the same thing yet without the plastic--the basic aim is to let that spurt reach the ground, not the vaginal wall. These methods are inhibitors, they stop the entry of the sperm near or close to the vaginal walls. If withdrawal (which is part of natural birth planning) and using condoms are same things, then, why ban condoms?

I agree----pills kill life. They are taken orally to prevent pregnancy. That is a no-no, even for me.

So, if I use condoms I'll become a bad Catholic regardless of who I have sex with. What if I had sex with another, a younger lass or lad, and I use the withdrawal method, is that sin or not? That is sin when accomplished outside marriage. But, that's it. The problem right now is when someone had sex with another and gets pregnant without any plans at all.

Okey, let me be clear. If I had sex with my wife, and I used a condom, then, it's a sin, and I'm a bad Catholic.

If I had sex with someone not my wife, and I used the withdrawal method, then, I am not a bad Catholic although I sinned. Why am I not a bad one? Because I followed the teaching of the Catholic Church which prescribes withdrawal as the best pregnancy-prevention method.

Will I be a good Catholic if I allow withdrawal method or just use a condom?