Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patricio Mangubat leaves the country for good

Many people I talked to lately are angry. They're hot and heavy in emotions. They're seemed too worried about the future that most are really thinking of migrating very soon. They don't agree with me that there is still a future for our kids in this country. 

" What future holds for a country which remains mismanaged by those who claimed to be better than the previous one, when in fact, they have not even put together a plan for real change?" says one of my friends, who incidentally, was one of those who urged me to stay put and put my hopes in my Motherland.

I really believe that there is still hope. Yet, whenever I pay for my diesel which cost me 2,500 per week and look at those grocery receipts, I think to myself--what really is the future for me and for my kids?

I am going to my peak, the peak of my professional career. I am still young, by all standards, and have a good twenty years more to offer to my profession. I plan to teach young kids about new techniques and new methods in communications, especially in social media when I reach sixty years old and die as a teacher. Yes, that was my plan eversince--share whatever I have with other people, for the benefit of the world. 

Patricio Mangubat is leaving this country for good.