Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Venus Raj's Sto Nino hair, Precious Quigaman's Undies and Chiz's marital breakup: Um, sad!

As I fix my things and putting them in a big suitcase, these things caught my eye: how people lambasted Venus Raj for having curly or what other Pinoys term as bulbuling buhok, Precious Lara Quigaman's gown showing her undies and Chiz Escudero's separation with his wife for more than ten years.

Better if bulbuling buhok came out of Quigaman's undies which Chiz probably saw and that led to his separation with wife for ten years, Christine Flores. But, nah, you're just confusing the issue.

Raj reportedly cried when people commented negatively against his Afro, err, Negro hair. She should'nt be. If Negroes are as beautiful as Raj, then, Negroes are the most beautiful in the world.

Afro hair used to be the rage during the seventies until mop came along and "siyeteng gupit". Raj's hair is different. It's Sto Nino hair, the most despised hair style in the world.

Is Venus Raj out to upstage the Sto nino? Better watch out!

Thing is, people were kinda sad that Precious Lara wore that gown. Had it been that there was costume error, that would have to be the thing. We could have gotten the idea of how Sto nino like Lara's also.

Of course, that's probably the thing that Chiz chases away--------mail chasers. Rumors of a split came several weeks ago, and this has just been here, lurking the backwaters of technology until someone as stupid as I am just reading, jusy looking and where  I have 5.000 when