Saturday, April 30, 2011

Philippine says it all about Merceditas Gutierrez' "sudden" resignation

Great insight over at see link here ( on this Merceditas Gutierrez resignation. I share the opinion of the writer that nothing in politics suggest a "sudden decision" to resign or an "epiphany". No politician or any public personality had that same Saint Paul experience. First, no Filipino politician would ever allow himself to go blind for a few days. That spellt a few thousand pesos worth of loss income.

Fact is, is it that easy to get an appointment with a "busy" President? Of course not. 

Some say Merci thought of handing over her resignation last Monday when news about the Arroyo's sudden flight to the States reached the ears of several pro-Arroyo allies. Some of those whom I was able to chat with, said that they felt abandoned by their principal. Some even wanted to tell me why the Arroyos flew from the cuckoo's nest in the first place.

It is related to Mikey's 76 million tax evasion case. There are still several properties in SF that belongs to the Arroyo couple and they want these hidden. Of course, these properties are still traceable now, but they have an expert in the person of E.E. who does the dirty work. 

They are also in touch with a middle official from the State department. Why? They want their arses saved. Any exchange deals in the horizon? Of course yes. What are they? 

Still, because of the hurried nature of the Arroyo's flight (without luggage mind you. They are so rich, they can now afford to buy clothes from anywhere), several of their allies are thinking of jumping ship. Is Merci among them?

By the way, why is the Aquino so desirous of replacing the Ombudsman? Of course, for the same reason as the Arroyos wanted to keep Merci there---to eventually cover their arses. Imagine, a high government official serving the Aquino government just suddenly had the money to construct a mansion in a rich man's place in Quezon City?

With a thorn gone, they can do whatever they want. 

So, who is next in the chopping board? Heard from a sweepie, it's none other than the Supreme Court Chief Justice. Some Palace insiders want Corona's halo chopped off.