Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is it goodbye to Big Bad Blogger? Bullying in the PR industry and New Media

Margaux Salcedo is a former law classmate at the Ateneo law. When she wrote that article and I asked around, I deemed it wise not to even write something about this, for one simple reason--I am not a traitor to friends. Yes, several personalities whom Salcedo tried to describe in her article, I was able to get their identities. If my classmate is still desirous to pursue this for the simple thing of cleansing the industry of such characters, then NPR is ready and able to provide her protection.

Yet, there are still several restauranteurs who allegedly encountered the antics of this so-called Big Bad Blogger. Fact is, BBB simply describes one of those involved in the PR firm. Besides, the firm might say that I am behind the expose or had an interest in it. As I said, I am not. It is just that I finally had the gumption to write about this simply on one salient reason---I am helping a restaurant chain. And the chain is also open to various underhanded tactics employed by unethical PR firms.

Margaux, there are ethical and unethical firms out there, and they exists in all industry. Yet, why be afraid of retaliation? If you have a case in your hands, and I think you have, it is always better to fight for this cause until the end. Why fear? You only fear when you don't have enough evidence or those pieces of evidence you have are all hearsay? If it's hearsay, then, better to give it all up immediately. 

Never succumb to bullies, be it a woman bully or a man bully. Bullies are frowned upon. IN this day and age, they are being obliterated.

That's why I don't do food reviews for one simple reason--I don't want to be brandied as promoting a brand or what. Yet, when the temptation is so big, and I really think that sharing my experience with my readers is in order, I write about my experience. I tell you---I don't do it for the money, oh no. I am not in the habit of name dropping or even introducing myself as a blogger. That's why I use a cybername in the first place. I don't want people to know that I am this and that. 

And I am not surprised if, a few months or weeks from now, we will hear of something like this again coming from the BBB and the PR firm. Is this the reason why the PR firm have so many clients? Are they bullying them into submission, trying to coax them to have them otherwise they unleash their media influence to break or unbreak the sorry bully victims brands?

I remember when Ding Gagelonia was still alive. We were discussing things with Marocharim and Jester-in-Exile. These two heavyweights in the blogging community were so conscious of being identified with the traditional media for one simple reason---they don't want to be associated with so-called illegal media practices. These traditional practices, like bullying and giving payolas, are NOT supposed to happen in the online community.

Marocharim, Jester-in-Exile, Carlo Ople and others remain clean. They are still advocates of the true purpose of blogging---stinging out til the truth comes out in blisters (quoting Paul Farol)

Now, with the Big Blogger and PR firm expose, what would Marocharim and Jester-in-Exile say?