Sunday, April 3, 2011 and for new writers

If you want the latest "feel good" news about the Philippines, check out my two new blogs: and is all about the good things our country has to offer. It documents every single beautiful thing this country has. by the way, is intended as a collaborative blog of community journalists who want to debate about issues, be it political or otherwise. I welcome blogger writers in this site. The site's aim is simply clarify the issue through intense multiple debates, and from there, seek a solution.

For now, news about certain things are published in the two sites. I expect my fellow bloggers and mainstream media practitioners out there to join me at aims to be your daily source of buzz protein--the kind that kicks you out of lethargy and energizes you. I welcome news from companies, resorts, beauty companies, gadget retailers, everyone who wants to feature their services or products there. You can email me at

For those who want to write for, send me an email at or at