Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chic Mom's Club--Bounty Fresh Grand Launch at Salon de Ning

Lea Salonga hosts the biggest
gathering of lifestyle and fashion
journalists ever staged in Manila
My readers know that I only write relevant pieces here, mostly political commentaries. Pardon me for writing lifetyle now, I just can't help myself. Really, it's my job of informing you guys that Bounty Fresh, one of the country's biggest chicken company, has just launched their Chic Mom's club---the grandest way ever.

Yep. I've been invited and I enjoyed it. The Bountry Fresh guys namely Dondi, Kat and Raya were the most gracious hosts. Of course, I will not fail to mention Edwin, Ram Bucoy and Christine Tria of Fleishman-Hillard. They made this event a success. Imagine, me and Noemi Dado were there to witness this one of a kind blast of an event.

The hippest crowd 
And who will not forget Ms. Cosette Romero, the legend in the PR business here in the Philippines. She looked wonderful and surely at ease, chatting and talking with most of the industry's titans in the lifestyle print section.

There are also many bloggers that attended the event. 

This event is actually the launching of the Chic mom's club. The Chic Mom's Club is an online community of Filipina mothers who try to share their success stories, their secret recipes and recipes for life. Members of the Chic Mom's club were also there at Salon de Ning. Some of them even won prizes for encouraging other moms to be part of the growing community. 

At present, Chic Mom's Club is the fastest growing online community for mothers. You'll find it as a wonderful resource.

The beautiful Cesce Litton hosted the show. Lea Salonga was amazed at the turnout--65 print journalists and I think two dozen bloggers went there to witness this grand launching.

Kudos to Edwin for making those calls, including mine. I had a blast. 

Wait for my next installment of this launch. I gotta go.