Friday, May 27, 2011

Bounty Fresh--every Pinoy should be extremely proud

Tennyson Chen, 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year
Tennyson Chen, president of Bounty Fresh Food Incorporated is one helluva Pinoy. 

IMAGINE, building a chicken empire out of practically nothing a decade ago. That's probably why Mr. Chen was adjudged the 2010 Pinoy Entrepreneur of the Year, and for good reason.

Bounty Fresh is the leading brand when it comes to vacuum-packed dressed chickens. It is the only hermetically sealed chicken brand in the market today. That's why many, including this writer, buys Bounty Fresh products, especially their Primeros--they're plump, right on the weight and truly tasty because their chickens are grown the right way. 

Fleishman Hillard winning team with Ms. Lea Salonga
Think about serving your loved ones with honey-coated grilled chickens, with its skin ripe for the plucking and the juices come out of that immaculately white meat. Yummy. 

Anyway, Tennyson's story is one fantastic one that every single Pinoy should be proud sharing. He started his company with just one idea---innovating and revolutionizing the broiler chicken production industry.

Bounty Fresh is the first large-scale broiler farm to use environmentally controlled houses in the Philippines. The company is set to construct two additional 720,000 broiler capacity farms supplied by Hired Hand structure and poultry system.
FH people with their favorite chefs

Their Pulilan dressing plant has the capability of producing 6,000 bph capacity utilizing the latest technology. That's why, it is not surprising that Bounty Fresh is a 3-time winner of the Best Poultry Processing Plant in the Philippines for 3 successive years.

And everything here just started with a vision.

He had a vision--serving the right kind of tasty chicken to every Pinoy home. From a very small parent stock and commercial layer operation, Bounty Fresh is now the second largest broiler integration with production of approximately 2.5 million day old broilers per week throughout the Philippines. 

Tennyson Chen must be very proud of his hardworking marketing team led by Tracy Cheng, Dondi, Kay Gomez and Raya. 

Bounty Fresh hardworking
marketing team led by Dondi and Tracy Cheng
Their launch last week of the Chic Mom's Club at the Salon de Ning, Manila Peninsula was such a smash, it was the most talked about event ever.

Lea Salonga was there, Cesce Litton hosted the show and I saw some of Manila's most beautiful people.

It was a fitting place to launch such a highly prized product--vacuum packed dressed chickens right on the weight, plump, and ever so tasty. Best for chic moms throughout the country. Lifestyle editors were there along with other media people. It was very nice.