Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CIA--release of Bin Laden photo up to White House

CIA Director Leon Panetta is still undecided if the United States will release photos of Osama Bin Laden. In a tweet by CBS News, Panetta said that the White House decides on matters like that. Meaning, the release is probably not security-related, but a political matter. 

Questions still linger on the purported death of Bin Laden for two reasons: First, many have speculated about this a couple of times before and second, this happened at a time when U.S. president Barack Obama is seeking his second term. Obviously, the U.S. government under Barack is using this issue to prop up his ratings since he has failed in several fronts, including the economy. Bin Laden's death is an emotional issue for most Americans. So, spearheading the mission that eliminated the world's top terrorist shows leadership--political that is, and never economic.

Many analysts say that Bin Laden has been dead for years now. Yet, the amount of specific data about his alleged assasination, for me, is proof positive of his death. 

Many are demanding that the U.S. government release photos or at least videos caught during the raid to prove once and for all that Bin Laden was indeed shot and killed during the operations. The perception was the U.S. is dilly-dallying the release for maximum exposure. Or, they don't have the evidence at all.

But, they do. They have complete information on Abu Ahmad al-Kuwait, the courier that led U.S. forces to Bin Laden's mansion. Al-Kuwaiti made a mistake of calling from Abbotta, confirming earlier suspicions that his principal was there. That call spurred more intelligence gathering on the place. For more info on Abu Ahmad al-Kuwait see link.

And obviously, based on interviews by American media outlets, the U.S. government has ample evidence to prove that they did, indeed killed Bin Laden. Likewise, note the absence of any statement coming from Al Qaeda--it just proves that indeed, the main Imperialist Power had finally caught up with the elusive Islamic leader.